The 57th Session of the ISI, August 16-22, 2009, Durban, South Africa
Bernoulli Society organized the following 13 Invited Paper Meetings (IPM) in several topics of mathematical statistics, probability and of their applications.

One of the IPMs was an ISI-BS Tribute Session to David G. Kendall. In this commemoration David Kendall was remembered as being heavily involved in the formation of the Bernoulli Society and for contacting in 1974 a member of the Bernoulli family to request to allow the society the use of elements of the Bernoulli family´s coat of arms. This celebration also included talks on the perspective of David Kendall pioneering works on stochastic geometry and its applications, and the statistical theory of shape.

The BS representative in the ISI Programme Co-coordinating Committee was Ursula Gather.


IPM 13 Stochastics of Genoma

Organizer and Chair: Jun Liu
  • Inferring Coancestry of Genome Segments in Populations, Elizabeth Thompson
  • A Bayesian Approach to RNAi Data Analysis, I-Shou Chang, Chung-Hsin Chen, Chin-YU Chen, Chao Hsiung
  • Transcription initiation bias in disease states, Winston Hide, Christopher Maher, Oliver Hofmann

IPM 14 Complex Data Analysis, Dimension Reduction and Sparsity

Organizer and Chair: Ursula Gather
  • Detection of an Abnormal Cluster in a Network , Ery Arias-Castro
  • Model Free Variable Selection when p is much Larger than n, Lixing Zhu, Liping Zhu
Discussant: Hannes Leeb

IPM 26 Functional Data Analysis: Theory and Applications

(Jointly organized with the International Association for Statistical Computing)
Organizer and Chair: Jason Fine
  • Functional Data Analysis for Hazard Rates, Jeng-Min Chiou, Hans-Georg Mueller
  • Dantzig Selector for Censored Linear Regression Models, Yi Li
  • Functional Linear Regression of Gradients from Sparse Data, Ian Mckeague, Sara Lopez-Pintado
Discussant: Ingrid van Kielegom


IPM 12 Statistics in Biodiversity

Organizer and Chair: Miguel Nakamura
  • Site Occupancy Models and Inference Using Single and Multiple Surveys, Subhash Lele
  • Statistical Estimation of Biodiversity Indices, Anne Chao
Discussant: Abdel El-Shaarawi

IPM 73 Relative Survival

(Jointly organized with the General Topics and Local Scientific Committees)
Organizer and Chair: Janez Stare
  • Relative Survival: Understanding the Concept and Promoting its Utilization, Jacques Esteve
  • Regression Spline-based Flexible Relative Survival Model: Estimation, Inference and Validation, Michal Abrahamowicz, Amel Mahboubi, Catherine Quantin
  • Goodness of Fit in Relative Survival Regression, Maja Pohar Perme, Janez Stare, Robin Henderson

IPM 3 Inference under Qualitative Restrictions

Organizer and Chair: Holger Dette
  • Improving Point and Interval Estimates of Monotone Functions by Rearrangement, Victor Chemozhukov, Ivan Fernandez-Val, Alfred Galichon
  • Monotonicity and Log-Concavity Constraints in Regression, Lutz Duembgen, Geurt Jongbloed
  • Monotone Spectral Density Estimation, Dragi Anevski, Philippe Soulier
Discussant: Irene Gijbels


IPM 4 Semi- and Nonparametric Statistics

Organizer: Graciela Boente
Chair: Wenceslao Gonzalez Manteiga
  • Estimation in Semiparametrics Models with Missing Data, Ingrid Van Keilegom, Song Chen
  • On Consistency and Robustness of Support Vector Machines, Andreas Christmann, Ingo Steinwart
  • ROC Curves in Nonparametric Location-scale Regression Models, Juan Carlos Pardo-Fernandez, Wenceslao Gonzalez-Manteiga, Ingrid Van Keilegom
Discussant: Stefan Sperlich

IPM 5 Model Building and Regularization

Organizer and Chair: Axel Munk
  • Non-Euclidean Statistical Analysis of Covariance Matrices and Diffusion Tensors, Ian Dreyden
  • Adaptive Modelling of Irregular, High Dimensional Functional and Image Data, Jeffrey Morris
Discussants: Stephan Huckermann and Victor Panaretos

IPM 6 Stochastic Geometry with Applications

Organizer and Chair: Viktor Benes
  • Random Sets and Quantitative Finance, Ilya Molchanov, Michael Schmutz
  • Invariant Transports of Stationary Random Measures, Guenter Last
  • Estimation Variances in Local Stereology, Zbynek Pawlas, Eva B. Vedel Jensen
  • Intrinsic Two-Way MANOVA for Shape Spaces, Stephan Huckemann, Thomas Hotz, Axel Munk
Discussant: Lothar Heinrich


IPM 7 Concentration Inequalities

Organizer and Chair: Sara Van de Geer
  • Concentration of the Empirical Risk, Pascal Massart
  • Lipschitz Functions and Concentration, Colin Mcdiarmid
  • Applications of Concentration Inequalities in Graph Colouring via the Probabilistic Method, Bruce Reed
Discussant: Emmanuel Candes

IPM 10 The Role of Chance in Evolution

Organizer: Peter Jagers
Chair: Fima Klebaner
  • Species Abundance Distributions in Two Classes of Models: Immigration from Mainland vs Mutant Substitution, Amaury Lambert
  • Polymorphic Evolution Sequence and Evolutionary Branching in a Logistically Regulated Population, Nicolas Champagnat, Sylvie Méléard
  • Modelling the Evolutionary Process of DNA-sequences, Arndt Von Haeseler, Steffen Klaere, Tanja Gesell
Discussant: Fima Klebaner


IPM 9 Statistical Modelling and Data Analysis for Neural Coding

Organizers: Elie Bienenstock and Britt Anderson
Chair: Britt Anderson
  • Inferring Size and Temporal Precision of Correlated Neuron Group Activity from Population Measures, Sonja Gruen, Sebastien Louis
  • Synthetic Spike Trains with Defined Pairwise Correlations, Ernst Niebur, Daniel Millman
  • Nonparametric Spike Train Analysis via Resampling, Asohan Amarasingham
  • Emergence of Cross-Correlation Functions in Neural Spike Interval Distributions, Jonathan Tapson
Discussant: Markus Diesmann

IPM 102 Invited Paper Meeting in Honour of David G. Kendall

(jointly organized with ISI)
Organizers: Jef L. Teugels, Wilfrid Kendall
Chair: Wilfrid Kendall
  • David G. Kendall: His Life, His Work and His Significance for ISI, Jef L. Teugels
  • David Kendall´s Contribution to the Application of Statistics in Archeology and Relates Matters, John Clifford Gower
  • From Kendall Shape to Radon Shape via Structural Biology, Victor Panaretos
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