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Birth and Death process in mean field type interaction Marie-Noémie THAI PDF
Sojourn Time Dimensions of Fractional Brownian Motion Ivan Nourdin, Giovanni Peccati,
Stéphane Seuret
Estimating the Number of Connected Components in a Graph via Subgraph Sampling Jason Matthew Klusowski, Yihong Wu PDF
Influence of the seed in affine preferential attachment trees David Corlin Marchand, Ioan Manolescu PDF
On the eigenproblem for Gaussian bridges Pavel Chigansky, Marina Kleptsyna, Dmytro Marushkevych PDF
A General Frequency Domain Method for Assessing Spatial Covariance Structures Matthew Van Hala, Soutir Bandyopadhyay, Soumendra Nath Lahiri, Daniel J. Nordman PDF
Deviation Inequalities for Random Polytopes Victor-Emmanuel Brunel PDF
Local differential privacy: Elbow effect in optimal density estimation and adaptation over Besov
Cristina Butucea, Amandine Dubois, Martin Kroll, Adrien Saumard PDF
A fast algorithm with minimax optimal guarantees for topic models with an unknown number of
Xin Bin, Florentina Bunea,
Marten Wegkamp
Optimal functional supervised classification with separation condition Sébastien Gadat, Sébastien Gerchinovitz, Clément MARTEAU PDF
Kernel and wavelet density estimators on manifolds and more general metric spaces Galatia Cleanthous,
Athanasios G. Georgiadis,
Gerard Kerkyacharian, Pencho Petrushev,
Dominique Picard
Logarithmic Sobolev inequalities for finite spin systems and applications Holger Sambale, Arthur Sinulis PDF
Functional weak limit theorem for an empirical process of non-stationary time series and its
Ulrike Mayer, Henryk Zahle, Zhou Zhou PDF
On the best constant in the martingale version of Fefferman's inequality Adam Osekowski PDF
Busemann functions and semi-infinite  O'Connell-Yor polymers

Tom Alberts, Firas Rassoul-Agha, Mackenzie Simper

On sampling from a log-concave density using kinetic Langevin diffusions

Arnak Dalalyan, Lionel Riou-Durand

Nested Covariance Determinants and Restricted Trek Separation in Gaussian Graphical Models

Mathias Drton, Elina Robeva, Luca Weihs

On estimation of nonsmooth functionals of sparse normal means

Olivier Collier, Laëtitia Comminges, Alexandre Tsybakov

Matching strings in encoded sequences

Adriana Coutinho, Rodrigo Lambert, Jerome Rousseau

First order covariance inequalities via Stein's method

Marie Ernst, Gesine Reinert, Yvik Swan

Perfect Sampling for Gibbs Point Processes Using Partial Rejection Sampling

Sarat Babu Moka, Dirk Kroese

Noncommutative Lebesgue decomposition and contiguity with applications in quantum statistics

Akio Fujiwara, Koichi Yamagata

High-dimensional general linear hypothesis tests via non-linear spectral shrinkage

Haoran Li, Alexander Aue, Debashis Paul

On stochastic gradient Langevin dynamics with dependent data streams in the logconcave case

Mathias Barkhagen, Ngoc Huy Chau,
Eric Moulines, Miklos Rasonyi,
Sotirios Sabanis, Ying Zhang

Directional differentiability for supremum-type functionals: statistical applications

avier Cárcamo, Antonio Cuevas,
Luis-Alberto Rodríguez

Scaling Limits for Super-replication with Transient Price Impact

Yan Dolinsky, Peter Bank

On new Sobolev tests of uniformity for circular and spherical data

Sreenivasa Rao Jammalamadaka,
Simos Meintanis, Thomas Verdebout

Sreenivasa Rao Jammalamadaka, Simos Meintanis, Thomas Verdebout

Anton Thalmaier, James Thompson

Concentration of the spectral norm of Erd\H{o}s-R\'enyi random graphs

Gabor Lugosi, Shahar Mendelson,
Nikita Zhivotovskiy

Convergence of Persistence Diagrams for Topological Crackle

Takashi Owada, Omer Bobrowski

Weighted Lépingle inequality

Pavel Zorin-Kranich

A Refined Cram\'er-Type Moderate Deviation for Sums of Local Statistics

Xiao Fang, Li Luo, Qi-Man Shao

Fundamental limits of exact support recovery in high dimensions

Zheng Gao, Stilian Stoev

Exact long time behavior of some regime switching stochastic processes

 Abhishek Pal Majumder, Filip Lindskog

Bayesian linear regression for multivariate responses under group sparsity

Bo Ning, Seonghyun Jeong,
Subhashis Ghoshal

Frequency domain theory for functional time series: variance decomposition and an invariance principle

Piotr Stefan Kokoszka,
Neda Mohammadi Jouzdani

Stratonovich Type Integration with respect to Fractional Brownian Motion with Hurst Parameter less than 1/2

Jorge A. León

Local law and Tracy--Widom limit for sparse stochastic block models

Jong Yun Hwang, Ji Oon Lee,
Wooseok Yang

Learning the distribution of latent variables in paired comparison models

Matthieu Lerasle, Roland Diel,
Sylvain Le Corff

Fractional stochastic wave equation driven by a Gaussian noise rough in space

Jian Song, Xiaoming Song,
Fangjun Xu

Signature Cumulants, Ordered Partitions, and Independence of Stochastic Processes

Patric Bonnier, Harald Oberhauser

Distance covariance for discretized stochastic processes

Muneya Matsui

Rate-optimal nonparametric estimation for random coefficient regression models

Hajo Holzmann, Alexander Meister

Inference for covariate-adjusted semiparametric Gaussian copula model using residual ranks

Yue Zhao, Irène Gijbels,
Ingrid Van Keilegom

Asymptotic Properties of Penalized Splines for Functional Data

Luo Xiao

A perturbation analysis of Markov chains models with time-varying parameters

Lionel Truquet

Testing and Inference for Fixed Times of Discontinuity in Semimartingales

Viktor Todorov

Penalisation techniques for one-dimensional reflected rough differential equations

Alexandre Richard, Etienne Tanré, Soledad Torres

A k-points-based distance for robust geometric inference

 Claire Brécheteau, Clément Levrard

Estimation of Monge Matrices

Cheng Mao, Jan-Christian Hütter,
Philippe Rigollet, Elina Robeva

Sign Tests for Weak Principal Directions

Davy Paindaveine, Julien Remy,
Thomas Verdebout

Nodal Lengths in Shrinking Domains for Random Eigenfunctions on Anna Paola Todino  PDF
Area anomaly in the rough path Brownian scaling limit of hidden Markov walks Olga Lopusanschi, Damien Simon  PDF
Concentration inequalities for random tensors Roman Vershynin  PDF
Goodness-of-Fit Testing for Copulas: A Distribution-Free Approach Sami Umut Can, John H.J. Einmahl, Roger J.A. Laeven  PDF
L{\'e}vy processes: concentration function and heat kernel bounds Tomasz Grzywny, Karol Szczypkowski  PDF
Sieving random iterative function systems  Alexander V. Marynych, Ilya Molchanov PDF
Adaptive confidence sets in shape restricted regression  Pierre C. Bellec PDF
Some properties of a Cauchy family on the sphere derived from the Möbius transformations Shogo Kato, Peter McCullagh  PDF
Optimal Sparsity Testing in Linear regression Model Alexandra Carpentier, Nicolas Verzelen PDF
Bump detection in the presence of dependency: Does it ease or does it load? Farida Enikeeva, Axel Munk,
Markus Pohlmann, Frank Werner 
PARKING ON A RANDOM ROOTED PLANE TREE  Qizhao Chen, Christina Goldschmidt PDF
Coupling an perturbation techniques for categorical time series  Lionel Truquet PDF



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