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2019-2020 Edition Awardees:

Li Cheng



Honorable Mentions:


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The New Researcher Award is for Bernoulli Society members who are active researchers of mathematical statistics. The main goal of this award is to recognize innovative research by new researchers.

The applicants for this award were asked to submit a 3-page synopsis of their presentation, along with their CV by February 28, 2018. The response to this award call was fabulous - 34 applications were submitted many of which were very strong applications making the selection procedure extremely challenging. After evaluating each CV and synopsis, the award committee has chosen the following new researchers for the award:

Po-Ling Loh, University of Wisconsin-Madison;

Gongjun Xu, University of Michigan;

Lingzhou Xue, Pennsylvania State University.

Each of the awardees will deliver a 30-minute talk at the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during August 18 - 23, 2019, and will receive funding from Bernoulli Society towards travel and other expenses.

Apart from the above awardees, Bernoulli Society is awarding honourable mentions to the following researchers:

Quentin Berthet, University of Cambridge;

Sebastian Engelke, University of Geneva;

Subhabrata Sen, Microsoft Research New England and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Bernoulli Society would like to congratulate the above researchers and thank each and every applicant for their interest in the award.


Parthanil Roy, Bernoulli Youth Representative
Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, India

Leonardo T. Rolla, Membership Secretary
Argentinian National Research Council and NYU-Shanghai



Bernoulli Society Membership Directory as of Jan 2019




Title First name Surname Country Type of Member
MR. Ayinavilli A P S V R Subrahmanyam India BS Student
PROF Knut Aase Norway BS-IMS
MR. Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Rahaman Ghana BS Student
MR. Felix Abramovich Israel BS-IMS
PROF Juan Carlos Abril Argentina BS-ISI
MR. Oyebimbe Emmanuel Adeniji Nigeria BS Student
MR. Varun Agiwal India BS Student
PROF. DR. Masafumi Akahira Japan BS-ISI
MR. Muhittin Akar Turkey BS Student
MR. Paramasivam Alagumariappan India BS Student
PROF. EM. Adelin Albert Belgium BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Hansjörg Albrecher Switzerland BS-IMS-ISI
MR. David Aldous United States BS-IMS
MR. Aldona Aleskeviciene Lithuania BS
MR. Brahim Algeria Algeria BS Student
MR. Saad Almalki United Kingdom BS Student
DR. Muhannad Al-Saadony Iraq BS
PROF. DR. Gerold Alsmeyer Germany BS-IMS
DR. R.V. Ambartzumian Armenia BS
DR. A.W. Ambergen The Netherlands BS
PROF. DR. Per Kragh Andersen Denmark BS-ISI
MR. Angel Angelov Sweden BS Student
MR. Ari Arapostathis United States BS-IMS
PROF Mohammad Arashi Iran, Islamic Republic of BS
DR. John Aston United Kingdom BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Siva Athreya India BS-IMS
MR. Mehsin Atteya Iraq BS Student
MR. Alexander Aue United States BS-IMS
MRS Morgane Austern United States BS Student
DR. A.S. Azari United States BS
PROF Adelchi Azzalini Italy BS-ISI
MR. Juri Bakhtin United States BS-IMS
PROF Paolo Baldi Italy BS-IMS
DR. Ioannis Baltas Greece BS
DR. Antar Bandyopadhyay India BS
MS Rosa Banuelos United States BS Student
DR. Matteo Barigozzi United Kingdom BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Ole Eiler Barndorff-Nielsen Denmark BS-ISI
MR. Rosario Barone Italy BS Student
PROF Jean-René Barra France BS-ISI
DR. Andreas Basse-O'Connor Denmark BS-IMS
DR. Deepan Basu India BS
MS Heather Battey United Kingdom BS-IMS
DR. Erik Jan Baurdoux United Kingdom BS
MR. Fekadu Lemessa Bayisa Ethiopia BS Student
PROF. DR. Anita Behme Germany BS
DR. Merle Behr Germany BS
DR. Andriette Bekker South Africa BS-ISI
MR. Denekew Bitew Belay Ethiopia BS Student
MRS Anna Bellach United States BS
MR. Samir Ben Hariz France BS-IMS
PROF Viktor Benes Czech Republic BS
PROF James O. Berger United States BS-ISI
MR. Christoph Berninger Germany BS Student
PROF. DR. Patrice Bertail France BS
DR. Quentin Berthet United Kingdom BS-IMS
MR. Moinak Bhaduri United States BS Student
PROF Madhuchhanda Bhattacharjee India BS-ISI
DR. Monika Bhattacharjee United States BS
DR. Bo Martin Bibby Denmark BS-ISI
PROF Peter John Bickel United States BS-ISI
PROF Lynne Billard United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. DR. Matthias Birkner Germany BS
PROF. DR. Jochen Blath Germany BSLIFE
DR. Wolfgang Bock Germany BS
PROF Graciela L Boente Argentina BS
PROF. EM. Lennart Bondesson Sweden BS-ISI
DR. Enea Giuseppe Bongiorno Italy BS
PROF Vivek S. Borkar India BS-IMS
PROF Alexander Borovkov Russian Federation BS-ISI
PROF Konstantin Borovkov Australia BS
DR. Björn Böttcher Germany BS
DR. Amina Angelika Bouchentouf Algeria BS
PROF. DR. Anton Bovier Germany BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Carlos A. Braumann Portugal BS-ISI
DR. Karl Breitung Germany BS
PROF David R. Brillinger United States BS-ISI
PROF Tom Britton Sweden BS
PROF Patrick Brockett United States BS-ISI
PROF. EM. Peter John Brockwell United States BS-ISI
PROF Timothy C. Brown Australia BS-ISI
MR. Cameron Bruggeman United States BS Student
PROF Peter Bühlmann Switzerland BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Cristina Butucea France BS-IMS
DR. Dorj Byambajav Mongolia BS
DR. Catriona M. Byrne Germany BS
DR. Meitner Cadena Ecuador BS
PROF Mine Caglar Turkey BS-ISI
PROF. DR. James A. Calvin United States BS-ISI
PROF Ricardo Cao Spain BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Vincenzo Capasso Italy BS-ISI
PROF Rene A. Carmona United States BS-IMS
DR. Alicia L. Carriquiry United States BS-IMS
DR. Andrew V. Carter United States BS-ISI
DR. Francisco Casanova del Angel Mexico BS
PROF Manuela Cazzaro Italy BS
DR. Anirvan Chakraborty India BS
PROF Bibhas Chakraborty Singapore BS
MR. Prakash Chakraborty United States BS Student
PROF Nai Ng Chan Hong Kong, SAR China BS-ISI
PROF Richard Chandler United Kingdom BS
PROF Probal Chaudhuri India BS-ISI
MR. Jonathan Che United States BS Student
DR. G.H.L. Cheang Singapore BS-IMS
MR. Ding-Geng Chen United States BS-IMS
PROF Louis H.Y. Chen Singapore BS-ISI
MR. Yang Chen United States BS-IMS
PROF Jamal D. Chergui Morocco BS
PROF Yasuko Chikuse Japan BS-ISI
MR. Cyril Chimisov United Kingdom BS Student
DR. Jeng-Min Chiou Taiwan BS-IMS
MR. Michael Chiu Canada BS Student
DR. Sung Nok Chiu Hong Kong, SAR China BS-IMS
MR. Seongho Cho Korea, Republic of BS Student
DR. Carsten Chong Switzerland BS
PROF Alejandra Christen Chile BS
PROF. DR. Andreas Christmann Germany BS-IMS
PROF Tasos Christofides Cyprus BS
MRS Gabriela Ciolek France BS Student
DR. Alessandra Cipriani United Kingdom BS
PROF. DR. Gerda Claeskens Belgium BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Brenton Ross Clarke Australia BS-ISI
DR. Daren B.H. Cline United States BS-IMS
DR. Derek Stephen Coad United Kingdom BS
DR. Michael P. Cohen United States BS-ISI
DR. Olivier Collier France BS
DR. Calin-Adrian Comes Romania BS
DR. Daniel Commenges France BS-IMS
DR. Stephen Connor United Kingdom BS
MR. Nicholas Cook United States BS Student
PROF José M. Corcuera Spain BS
DR. Ivan Corwin United States BS-IMS
SIR David Cox United Kingdom BS-ISI
DR. Marzia Angela Cremona United States BS
PROF Miklós Csörgö Canada BS-ISI
PROF Juan A. Cuesta-Albertos Spain BS
MR. Yifan Cui United States BS
PROF Dorota M. Dabrowska United States BS
MR. Osman Dag Turkey BS Student
PROF. DR. Rainer Dahlhaus Germany BS-IMS
MR. Xiaowu Dai United States BS Student
DR. Arnak Dalalyan France BS
DR. Ishapathik Das India BS
PROF Anirban DasGupta United States BS-IMS
MR. Angelos Dassios United Kingdom BS-IMS
PROF Richard A. Davis United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Anthony C. Davison Switzerland BS-ISI
PROF. EM. A. Philip Dawid United Kingdom BS-ISI
DR. Miguel de Carvalho United Kingdom BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. DR. M.C.M. De Gunst The Netherlands BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. EM. Anne-Marie De Meyer Belgium BS
MR. Rodrigo de Oliveira Leite Brazil BS Student
PROF. DR. Jacobo De Una-Alvarez Spain BS
MR. Dereje Danbe Debeko Ethiopia BS Student
PROF Paul R.L. Deheuvels France BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. DR. Herold G. Dehling Germany BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Pol del Aguila Pla Sweden BS Student
DR. Aurore Delaigle Australia BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Thomas Delerue Germany BS Student
MR. Abhishek Deshpande United Kingdom BS Student
DR. Sascha Desmettre Germany BS
PROF. DR. Holger Dette Germany BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Isha Dewan India BS-ISI
DR. Arabin K. Dey India BS-IMS
PROF Antonio Di Crescenzo Italy BS
PROF Luca Di Persio Italy BS
PROF Giancarlo Diana Italy BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Thorsten Dickhaus Germany BS
MS Adji Bousso Dieng United States BS Student
PROF Susanne Ditlevsen Denmark BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Isamu Doku Japan BS-IMS
PROF Clement Dombry France BS
PROF Peter J. Donnelly United Kingdom BS-IMS-ISI
PROF David Donoho United States BS
PROF Hassan Doosti Australia BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Bernd Droge Germany BS-ISI
PROF. EM. Hilmar G. Drygas Germany BS
PROF Jean-Marie Dufour Canada BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Lutz Dümbgen Switzerland BS-ISI
PROF William Dunsmuir Australia BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Subhajit Dutta India BS-ISI
DR. Benjamin Dyhr United States BS
DR. Andreas Eberle Germany BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Ernst W. Eberlein Germany BS-ISI
MR. Pouyanp Ebrahimbaie Varnosfaderani Belgium BS Student
DR. John H.J. Einmahl The Netherlands BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Uwe Einmahl Belgium BS-IMS
MR. Matthew Iwada Ekum Nigeria BS Student
MR. Karl Oskar Ekvall United States BS Student
DR. Nathaniel Eldredge United States BS-IMS
DR. Leif Ellingson United States BS-IMS
MR. Andreas Luca Elsener Switzerland BS Student
PROF Paul A.L. Embrechts Switzerland BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Hans-J. Engelbert Germany BS
PROF Sebastian Engelke Switzerland BS
PROF Philip Ernst United States BS
MR. Omer Ozan Evkaya Turkey BS Student
DR. Inger Fabris-Rotelli South Africa BS
MR. Bhavin Faldu India BS Student
PROF Tsai-Hung Fan Taiwan BS-ISI
PROF Wai-Tong Fan United States BS-IMS
PROF Kuangnan Fang China BS-ISI
DR. Vicky Fasen Germany BS-IMS
PROF Paul David Feigin Israel BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Haile Mekonnen Fenta Ethiopia BS Student
MR. John Daniel Fernley United Kingdom BS Student
PROF Pablo A. Ferrari Argentina BS-ISI
DR. Paola Gloria Ferrario Germany BS
MR. Johannes Ferreira South Africa BS Student
MRS Alena Fialova Czech Republic BS
PROF. DR. Peter Filzmoser Austria BS-ISI
PROF Nicholas Fisher Australia BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Tobias Fissler United Kingdom BS
PROF Nancy Flournoy United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Konstantinos Fokianos United Kingdom BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Maria Isabel Fraga Alves Portugal BS-ISI
DR. Laurence Freedman Israel BS-ISI
PROF Arnoldo Frigessi Norway BS-ISI
PROF Benito V. Frosini Italy BS-ISI
DR. Cheng-Der Fuh Taiwan BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Bastian Galasso Díaz Chile BS Student
MR. Antonino Galletta Italy BS Student
PROF David Gamarnik United States BS-IMS
PROF Dani Gamerman Brazil BS
MR. Axel Gandy United Kingdom BS-IMS
MR. Maalvladedon Ganet Some Ghana BS Student
MR. Suryanarayana Ganta India BS Student
PROF. DR. Nina Gantert Germany BS-IMS
MS Jie Gao United States BS Student
PROF. DR. Jiti Gao Australia BS-ISI
MR. Agustin Garcia Nogales Spain BS-IMS
MS Celia García-Pareja Sweden BS Student
PROF Jose Garrido Canada BS-IMS
PROF Joseph L. Gastwirth United States BS-ISI
MR. Kidane Desta Gebreyesus Ethiopia BS Student
MR. Satish Geeri India BS Student
MR. Goshu Geleta Ethiopia BS Student
DR. Edward I. George United States BS-IMS-ISI
    Georgian Statistical Assoc. Georgia BS
MR. Andris Gerasimovics United Kingdom BS Student
MS Somayyeh Ghafoori Iran, Islamic Republic of BS Student
MR. Gergis Ghattas Egypt BS Student
PROF Constantin Gheorghe Romania BS
DR. Abhik Ghosh India BS
PROF Irene Gijbels Belgium BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. DR. Richard D. Gill The Netherlands BS-IMS-ISI
MS Ilaria Giulini France BS
MRS Ingrid K. Glad Norway BS-ISI
PROF Joseph Glaz United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Amanda Golbeck United States BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Alexander Goldenshluger Israel BS-IMS
PROF. EM. Charles M. Goldie United Kingdom BS
PROF Maria Ivette Gomes Portugal BS-ISI
DR. Miguel Gonzalez Spain BS
DR. Graciela González-Farías Mexico BS-ISI
PROF Wenceslao Gonzalez-Manteiga Spain BS-ISI
DR. Monique Graf-Jaccottet Switzerland BS
MR. Kristjan Herbert Greenewald United States BS Student
PROF. DR. Andreas Greven Germany BS
PROF Geoffrey R. Grimmett United Kingdom BS-IMS
PROF. EM. Petrus Groeneboom The Netherlands BS-ISI
MS Caroline Groth United States BS Student
MR. Michel Grzebyk France BS
PROF Antonio F. Gualtierotti Switzerland BS
MR. Ngartelbaye Guerngar United States BS Student
MR. Shota Gugushvili The Netherlands BS-IMS
DR. Olivier J.M. Guilbaud Sweden BS-ISI
MR. U. Gunamuthukumar India BS Student
DR. Pushpa L. Gupta United States BS-ISI
PROF Ramesh C. Gupta United States BS-ISI
PROF Allan Gut Sweden BS-ISI
PROF Eduardo Gutiérrez-Peña Mexico BS-ISI
MR. Mir Omid Haji Mirsadeghi Iran, Islamic Republic of BS
DR. M. Hala Czech Republic BS
PROF Marc Hallin Belgium BS-ISI
DR. Dan Han United States BS Student
DR. Kyunghee Han United States BS
PROF David John Hand United Kingdom BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Jan Hannig United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Niels Richard Hansen Denmark BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Hisayuki Hara Japan BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Wolfgang Härdle Germany BS-ISI
PROF Michel R. Harel France BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Evgueni Haroutunian Armenia BS-ISI
PROF Xuming He United States BS-ISI
MR. Mikko Aaro Heikkilä Finland BS Student
DR. Johannes Heiny Austria BS
PROF. EM. Inge S. Helland Norway BS-ISI
PROF Erick Herbin France BS-IMS
MR. Camilo Hernández United States BS Student
DR. Agnes M. Herzberg Canada BS-ISI
PROF Ivar Heuch Norway BS-ISI
DR. Junichi Hirukawa Japan BS-ISI
MR. Daniel Hlubinka Czech Republic BS
PROF. DR. Reinhard Hoepfner Germany BS
DR. S. Hojek Czech Republic BS
PROF Toshio Honda Japan BS-IMS
DR. Masayuki Horiguchi Japan BS-IMS
MS Nargess Hosseinioun Iran, Islamic Republic of BS Student
DR. Philip Hougaard Denmark BS-ISI
PROF Dihe Hu China BS
PROF Xiaoquiong Joan Hu Canada BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Hsin-Cheng Huang Taiwan BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Yuan Huang United States BS
PROF. EM. Catherine Huber-Carol France BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Stephan Huckemann Germany BS-IMS
DR. John Hughes United States BS-IMS
DR. J. Hurt Czech Republic BS
PROF Raphael Huser Saudi Arabia BS-ISI
PROF Marie Husková Czech Republic BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Jane L. Hutton United Kingdom BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Valerie S. Isham United Kingdom BS-ISI
PROF. EM. Yoshiaki Itoh Japan BS-ISI
PROF Patricia Jacobs United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. EM. Martin S.B Jacobsen Denmark BS-ISI
PROF Peter A.I. Jagers Sweden BS-ISI
MRS Nina Munkholt Jakobsen Denmark BS
PROF. DR. Adam Jakubowski Poland BS
DR. Muhammad Jalaluddin United States BS-ISI
PROF Maarten Hendrik Jansen Belgium BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Paul L.J. Janssen Belgium BS-ISI
MR. Kalyan Jena India BS Student
PROF Jens Ledet Jensen Denmark BS-ISI
DR. Milos Jílek Czech Republic BS
PROF Carlos J. Jiménez United States BS
PROF Iain M. Johnstone United States BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Timothy Jones United States BS Student
DR. Jonathan Jordan United Kingdom BS
PROF Peter E. Jupp United Kingdom BS-ISI
PROF Jana Jurecková  Czech Republic BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Paul Vytenis Kabaila Australia BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Bharadwaj Kadiyala India BS Student
MR. Yoshihide Kakizawa Japan BS-ISI
DR. Josef Kalas Slovakia BS
MR. Olav Kallenberg United States BS
MR. Ravi Kalpathy United States BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Udo Kamps Germany BS-ISI
MR. Yang Kang United States BS Student
MR. Yuntae Kang Korea, Republic of BS Student
DR. Takeaki Kariya Japan BS-ISI
PROF Haya Kaspi Israel BS-IMS
MR. Mikolaj Kasprzak United Kingdom BS Student
MS Gursharn Kaur India BS Student
MS Manjeet Kaur India BS Student
MR. Mohammad Kazemi Iran, Islamic Republic of BS Student
PROF Niels Keiding Denmark BS-ISI
PROF Wilfrid S. Kendall United Kingdom BS-IMS-ISI
PROF John T. Kent United Kingdom BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Daniel Kessler United States BS Student
DR. Paul Carlisle Kettler Norway BS-IMS
MR. Arman Khaledian United Kingdom BS Student
PROF. DR. Shahjahan Khan Australia BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Surin Khanabsakdi Thailand BS
DR. Alexey Kharin Belarus BS
PROF. DR. Yurij Kharin Belarus BS
MR. DongWoo Kim Korea, Republic of BS Student
  Ji-Su Kim China BS Student
MR. Joonpyo Kim Korea, Republic of BS Student
MS Min Jung Kim Korea, Republic of BS Student
DR. Claudia Kirch Germany BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Syed N.U.A Kirmani United States BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Chris A.J. Klaassen The Netherlands BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Fima C Klebaner Australia BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Oleg Klesov Ukraine BS
PROF. DR. Claudia Klüppelberg Germany BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Yawo Mamoua Kobara Canada BS Student
MR. Hyunwook Koh United States BS Student
PROF Arturo Kohatsu Higa Japan BS
PROF Michael Kohler Germany BS
PROF Eric Kolaczyk United States BS-ISI
PROF Fumiyasu Komaki Japan BS
MRS Naime Meriç Konar Turkey BS Student
PROF Sadanori Konishi Japan BS-ISI
PROF Yoshihiko Konno Japan BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Vladimir S Korolyuk Ukraine BS
PROF. EM. Hira Lal Koul United States BS-ISI
MR. Richard Kraaij The Netherlands BS Student
PROF Marie Kratz France BS
DR. Johannes Theodor N. Krebs United States BS-IMS
MR. Jens-Peter Kreiss Germany BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Ulrich Krengel Germany BS
PROF. DR. Klaus Krickeberg France BS-ISI
MS Tanja Krone The Netherlands BS Student
MS Annika Krutto Estonia BS Student
PROF. DR. Grzegorz Krzykowski Poland BS
DR. L. Kubacek Slovakia BS
DR. Ludmila Kubackova Slovakia BS
MR. Divakar Kumar United Kingdom BS Student
MR. Rajeev Kumar United States BS-IMS
MR. Sumit Kumar India BS Student
MR. Puneet Kumar Gupta India BS Student
PROF Naoto Kunitomo Japan BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Hans R. Künsch Switzerland BS-ISI
PROF Robert M. Kunst Austria BS
PROF Lynn Kuo United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Noemi Sibylle Kurt Germany BS
DR. Kari Kuulasmaa Finland BS
PROF Paul Kvam United States BS-ISI
PROF Andreas Kyprianou United Kingdom BS
PROF. EM. Petter Laake Norway BS-ISI
PROF Tze Leung Lai United States BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Wai Shung Lam Hong Kong, SAR China BS
PROF Zinoviy Landsman Israel BS
DR. V. Lanska Czech Republic BS
MR. Michael R. Lasarev United States BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Günter Last Germany BS
PROF Steffen Lauritzen Denmark BS-ISI
DR Henning Läuter Germany BS-ISI
MRS Nanuli Lazrieva Georgia BS
MR. Hai Le United States BS Student
PROF. DR. Johannes Lederer Germany BS-IMS
DR. Anthony Lee United Kingdom BS-IMS
MR. Donghyun Lee Korea, Republic of BS Student
MR. Hyunho Lee Korea, Republic of BS Student
PROF Mei-Ling Ting Lee United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Sangyeol Lee Korea, Republic of BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Stephen M.S. Lee Hong Kong, SAR China BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Yan Liang Lee Australia BS Student
PROF Young Kyung Lee Korea, Republic of BS-IMS
PROF Chenlei Leng United Kingdom BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Lasse Leskelä Finland BS
PROF. DR. Anne Leucht Germany BS
DR. Clément Levrard France BS
PROF. DR. Christophe Ley Belgium BS-ISI
MR. Housen Li Germany BS Student
PROF Wai Keung Li Hong Kong, SAR China BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Xiaoming Li United States BS Student
MS Xiaoxue Li United States BS Student
PROF Zenghu Li China BSLIFE
PROF Janna Lierl United States BS
PROF Antonio Lijoi Italy BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Jostein Lillestøl Norway BS-ISI
PROF. EM. Georg Lindgren Sweden BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Alexander M. Lindner Germany BS
PROF Bo Henry Lindqvist Norway BS-ISI
PROF Anna Liu United States BS-IMS-ISI
MS Nadia Lkhoulf Morocco BS
MR. Matthias Löffler United Kingdom BS Student
DR. Wei-Liem Loh Singapore BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Miles Lopes United States BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Silvia Regina Costa Lopes Brazil BS-ISI
DR. Pierre-Yves Louis France BS
PROF Po-Ling Low United States BS-IMS
MR. Yulong Lu United Kingdom BS Student
DR. Antonín Luks Czech Republic BS
MR. Alexander Ly The Netherlands BS
PROF Fengshi Ma China BS-ISI
MS Marloes H Maathuis Switzerland BS-IMS
DR. Andrea Macrina United Kingdom BS
MR. Jun Maeda United Kingdom BS Student
PROF Yoshihiko Maesono Japan BS-ISI
PROF Umberto Magagnoli Italy BS-ISI
MR. Abram Magner United States BS-IMS
MR. Ishaque Mahama Ghana BS Student
MR. Peter Major Hungary BS
PROF Enno M. Mammen Germany BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. DR. Volker Mammitzsch Germany BS-ISI
MS Edna Manga Malaysia BS Student
DR. Michael Mania Georgia BS
MS Laura Manolache Canada BS Student
MR. Vlad Dumitru Margarint United Kingdom BS Student
DR. Alejandra Mercedes Martinez Argentina BS
MR. Israel Martínez Hernández Mexico BS Student
MS Samira Masoumi Canada BS Student
DR. Jorge Mateu Spain BS-ISI
PROF A.M. Mathai Canada BS-ISI
PROF Carlos Matrán Bea Spain BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Yasumasa Matsuda Japan BS
DR. Lutz Mattner Germany BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Jochen Mau Germany BS
DR. Krishanu Maulik India BS
DR. Peter McCullagh United States BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Kalu Ram Meena India BS Student
MR. Simos G. Meintanis Greece BS
DR. Ramses H. Mena-Chavez Mexico BS-IMS
DR. Ignacio Mendez-Ramirez Mexico BS-ISI
MR. Joseph Mensah United States BS Student
MR. Mulugeta Tesfa Messele Ethiopia BS Student
PROF. DR. J.J. Meulman The Netherlands BS-ISI
DR. Jaroslav Michalek Czech Republic BS
PROF Thomas Mikosch Denmark BS-IMS
MR. Curtis Miller United States BS Student
DR. Bojana Milosevic Serbia BS
PROF Angelo Marcello Mineo Italy BS
DR. Rosa Maria Mininni Italy BS
MR. Sherzod Mirakhmedov Pakistan BS
MR. Amit Mittal India BS Student
DR. Etsuo Miyaoka Japan BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Yoshihiko Miyasato Japan BS-ISI
DR. Ivan Mizera Slovakia BS
PROF Pavle Mladenovic Serbia BS
MS Ashna Mohammad United Kingdom BS Student
PROF. DR. Martin Möhle Germany BS
MS Selamawit Serka Moja Ethiopia BS Student
MS Arezou Mojiri Khouzani Iran, Islamic Republic of BS Student
PROF Ilya Molchanov Switzerland BS-IMS
DR. I. Moll Czech Republic BS
PROF Jesper Møller Denmark BS-ISI
DR. Debashis Mondal United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. EM. Jean-Marie Monnez France BS
PROF David S. Moore United States BS-ISI
PROF Stephan Morgenthaler Switzerland BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. DR. Karl Mosler Germany BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Eric Moulines France BS-IMS
MR. Nishan Mudalige Canada BS Student
MS Anja Mühlemann Switzerland BS Student
MR. Ayon Mukherjee United Kingdom BS Student
PROF Bhramar Mukherjee United States BS-ISI
MRS Sujata Mukherjee Mukhopadhyay India BS
DR. Christine Müller Germany BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Gernot Müller Germany BS-ISI
DR. Hans-Georg Müller United States BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Ursula U. Müller-Harknett Germany BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Joaquin Munoz-Garcia Spain BS-IMS
PROF Susan A. Murphy United States BS-ISI
PROF Thomas Brendan Murphy Ireland BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Arzoo Mustafi United Kingdom BS Student
MR. Boaz Nadler Israel BS-IMS
MR. Yukio Nagahata Japan BS-IMS
DR. Daniel Q. Naiman United States BS-IMS
DR. Miguel Nakamura Mexico BS-ISI
PROF. EM. Subhash C. Narula United States BS-ISI
PROF Selvaraju Natarajan India BS
PROF. EM. Bent Natvig Norway BS-ISI
MR. Rolando Navarro United States BS Student
PROF. DR. Reinhard Neck Austria BS
PROF Johanna Neslehová Canada BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Kok Lip Ng Singapore BS-IMS
DR. Michele Nguyen United Kingdom BS
MR. Tuan Minh Nguyen Sweden BS Student
MS Tianyuan Ni United Kingdom BS Student
DR. Nora Ni Chuiv Ireland BS
DR. Richard Nickl United Kingdom BS-IMS
DR. Federica Nicolussi Italy BS
PROF Yakov Nikitin Russian Federation BS
MS Emilija Nikolic-Djoric Serbia BS-ISI
MR. Bo Ning United States BS Student
PROF Sévérien Nkurunziza Canada BS-IMS-ISI
PROF John P. Nolan United States BS-IMS
PROF Ragnar Norberg United Kingdom BS-ISI
PROF Leif Nordberg Finland BS-ISI
PROF Ilkka Norros Finland BS
PROF Álvaro M.D. Nunes Portugal BS
DR. Jukka Nyblom Finland BS-IMS
MRS Cherie Ochsenfeld United States BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Yosihiko Ogata Japan BS-ISI
DR. Teppei Ogihara Japan BS
MR. Adeyinka Ogunsanya Nigeria BS Student
DR. Hee-Seok Oh Korea, Republic of BS-IMS
PROF. EM. Hannu F.V. Oja Finland BS-ISI
MR. Joshua OKORO Nigeria BS Student
DR. Ryo Okui Japan BS-IMS
MR. Cristian Oliva United States BS Student
MR. Paulo E. Oliveira Portugal BS
MR. John Closter Olivo France BS Student
PROF Richard A. Olshen United States BS-ISI
PROF Federico J O'Reilly Togno Mexico BS-ISI
MR. Brayan Ortiz United States BS Student
MS Esther Achieng' Otieno Kenya BS Student
MR. Mehmet Oz Turkey BS
PROF Süleyman Özekici Turkey BS-ISI
DR. Simone Padoan Italy BS-IMS
DR. Mikko Pakkanen United Kingdom BS
MR. Surya Pal India BS Student
MR. John Palowitch United States BS Student
DR. Jianxin Pan United Kingdom BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Victor Michael Panaretos Switzerland BS-ISI
DR. Guodong Pang United States BS-IMS
DR. Vladimir Panov Russian Federation BS
DR. Dimitri Papadimitriou Belgium BS
PROF Fredos Papangelou United Kingdom BS
PROF Efstathios Paparoditis Cyprus BS-IMS
MR. Ivan Papic Croatia BS Student
DR. Byeong Uk Park Korea, Republic of BS-IMS
PROF Byung Gu Park Korea, Republic of BS
DR. C.J. Park United States BS
MR. Seoncheol Park Korea, Republic of BS Student
PROF Kalev Pärna Estonia BS
DR. Matthew Frederick Parry New Zealand BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Ion Partachi Moldova, Republic of BS-ISI
PROF Giuliana Passamani Italy BS
MR. Vladimir Pastukhov Sweden BS Student
MR. Rohit Patawa Indonesia BS Student
MR. Srinivasa Rao Pathakamsetty India BS Student
DR. Valentin Patilea France BS
MR. Michael Paulsen Germany BS Student
DR. H. Pavlopoulos Greece BS
MR. John Peca-Medlin United States BS Student
DR. Shyamal Das Peddada United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Edsel Peña United States BS-ISI
PROF Spiridon I. Penev Australia BS-ISI
DR. Victor Pérez-Abreu Mexico BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Mihael Perman Slovenia BS-IMS
DR. Elisa Perrone United States BS
PROF Dinis D. Pestana Portugal BS-ISI
DR. Jonas Peters Denmark BS-ISI
MR. S.N Kumar Pillai India BS Student
DR. Iosif Pinelis United States BS-IMS
MR. Giovanni Pistone Italy BS-IMS
MR. James W. Pitman United States BS-IMS
DR. Moumanti Podder United States BS
PROF. DR. Mark Podolskij Denmark BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. DR. Ulrich Poetter Germany BS
PROF Moshe Pollak Israel BS-ISI
PROF Wolfgang Polonik United States BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Serguei Popov Brazil BS
DR. Bozidar Popovic Montenegro BS
MR. Henry Alvorado Port Germany BS Student
PROF. EM. Tiberiu Postelnicu Romania BS-ISI
DR. R. Potocky Slovakia BS
MS Ellen Powell United Kingdom BS Student
PROF B.L.S. Prakasa Rao India BS-ISI
PROF Zuzana Prásková Czech Republic BS-ISI
DR. Luc Pronzato France BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Igor Pruenster Italy BS-IMS
PROF Amber L. Puha United States BS-IMS
DR. Guoqi Qian Australia BS-IMS
MR. László Radnóti Hungary BS
MR. Ravi Kant Rai India BS Student
DR. Parthasarathy Rajagopal United States BS
DR. Teppo Rakkolainen Finland BS
PROF Kavita Ramanan United States BSLIFE
MR. Lewis Ramsden United Kingdom BS Student
PROF Marepalli Bhaskara Rao United States BS-ISI
PROF. DR. D.A.M.K. Rasch Germany BS-ISI
MR. Ali Rashed Egypt BS Student
MR. Peang Ratana Cambodia BS Student
PROF Makarand Ratnaparkhi United States BS-IMS
DR. Lizanne Raubenheimer South Africa BS
PROF Nalini Ravishanker United States BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Léo Raymond-Belzile Switzerland BS Student
MR. Syed Muhammad M. Raza Pakistan BS Student
PROF Rolando Rebolledo B. Chile BS-ISI
PROF. EM. Eugenio Regazzini Italy BS-ISI
PROF Nancy Reid Canada BS-ISI
DR. Gesine Reinert United Kingdom BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Bruno Rémillard Canada BS-ISI
PROF Eric Renshaw United Kingdom BS-ISI
MRS Jelena Revzina Latvia BS Student
DR. Martin G. Ribe Sweden BS-ISI
MR. Renato Ricardo de Paula Portugal BS Student
MR. Donald Richards United States BS
PROF Sylvia Richardson United Kingdom BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. DR. Wolf-Dieter Richter Germany BS-ISI
DR. Victor Rivero Mexico BS-IMS
PROF. EM. John Robinson Australia BS-ISI
PROF Javier Rojo United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Leonardo Rolla China BSLIFE
MS Julia Romanski United States BS Student
PROF. DR. Elvezio Ronchetti Switzerland BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Holger Rootzén Sweden BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Gunnar G. Rosenqvist Finland BS
DR. Maurizia Rossi Italy BS
DR. Erika J.H. Rost Germany BS
PROF. EM. George G. Roussas United States BS-ISI
PROF Peter J. Rousseeuw Belgium BS-ISI
MR. Rahul Roy India BS Student
PROF. EM. Michael Rubinovitch Israel BS-ISI
DR. Peter Ruckdeschel Germany BS-IMS
DR. Rimantas Rudzkis Lithuania BS
DR. Fabrizio Ruggeri Italy BS-ISI
DR. Nasrollah Saebi United Kingdom BS-ISI
PROF Bashiru Imoro Ibn Saeed Ghana BS-ISI
PROF Irina Safaryan Armenia BS
DR. Shido Sai Japan BS
MRS Tsogzolmaa Saizmaa Mongolia BS Student
DR. Mohammad Sajid Saudi Arabia BS
DR. Hirohito Sakurai Japan BS-IMS
PROF Thomas S. Salisbury Canada BS-IMS
DR. Donna Mary Salopek Australia BS-IMS
PROF Gennady Samorodnitsky United States BS-IMS
DR. Richard J. Samworth United Kingdom BSLIFE
DR. Gerardo Sanz Spain BS-IMS
MS Marta Sanz-Solé Spain BS-IMS
MR. Andrey Sarantsev United States BS-IMS
MR. Sourav Sarkar United States BS Student
PROF Aila Särkkä Sweden BS-ISI
MR. Sony Saurabh Kumar India BS Student
MR. Patrick Sawerengera Malawi BS Student
DR. Günther Sawitzki Germany BS-ISI
PROF Willem Schaafsma The Netherlands BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Burkhard Schaffrin United States BS
MR. Ulf Schepsmeier Germany BS Student
DR. Anton Schick United States BS-IMS
MR. Bernhard Schild Germany BS
PROF. DR. Jang Schiltz Luxembourg BS
PROF. DR. Martin Schlather Germany BS
PROF. DR. Wolfgang Schmid Germany BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. DR. Hanspeter Schmidli Germany BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Volker Schmidt Germany BS
MR. Ulrike Schneider Austria BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Dominic Schuhmacher Germany BS
PROF Tore Schweder Norway BS-ISI
MR. Jason R. Schweinsberg United States BS-IMS
DR. Stanley L. Sclove United States BS-IMS
PROF David W. Scott United States BS-ISI
MR. Stefano Scotta Portugal BS Student
MS Nafiseh Sedaghat Canada BS Student
PROF. DR. Wilfried Seidel Germany BS-ISI
MR. Jan Seidler Czech Republic BS-IMS
PROF Oleg Seleznjev Sweden BS
DR. Subhabrata Sen United States BS
PROF Robert Serfling United States BS-ISI
MR. Richard Serrano Ecuador BS Student
PROF Jayaram Sethuraman United States BS-ISI
PROF Paul Shaman United States BS-IMS
MR. Mostafa Shams Esfand Abadi United States BS Student
MR. Behrouz Shamsaei United States BS Student
MR. Shaturgun Sharakhmetov Uzbekistan BS
MR. Sharandeep singh Sharan India BS Student
DR. James Sharpnack United States BS-IMS
DR. Yi Shen Canada BSLIFE
MR. John Sheriff Canada BS-IMS
DR. Ryoichi Shimizu Japan BS-ISI
DR. Tomer Shushi Israel BS
PROF David O. Siegmund United States BS-IMS
PROF Leopold Simar Belgium BS-ISI
MR. Florian Simatos France BS-IMS
MR. Abhinav Singh India BS Student
MR. Deepak Singh India BS Student
MR. Vikas Singh India BS Student
DR. V. Skokan Czech Republic BS
DR. V. Skrivankova Slovakia BS
MR. Isnandar Slamet Indonesia BS Student
PROF Richard L. Smith United States BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Tom A.B. Snijders The Netherlands BS-ISI
DR. Jakob Söhl The Netherlands BS
MR. Maikol Solís France BS Student
PROF Peter Xue-Kun Song United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Michael Sørensen Denmark BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. DR. Tommi Sottinen Finland BS
PROF Terence P. Speed United States BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Peter Spreij The Netherlands BS
DR. Mark S. Squillante United States BS-IMS
PROF Andrej Srakar Slovenia BS
PROF. DR. Cidambi Srinivasan United States BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Ulrich Stadtmüller Germany BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Julian Stander United Kingdom BS
PROF Elena Stanghellini Italy BS-ISI
PROF Philip B. Stark United States BS-IMS
DR. B. Stehlikova Czech Republic BS
PROF. DR. Ansgar Steland Germany BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Robert Stelzer Germany BS-IMS
PROF Stephen M. Stigler United States BS-ISI
PROF Jordan Stoyanov Bulgaria BS
MR. Christof Sträh Switzerland BS Student
PROF Franz Streit Switzerland BS
DR. Kirstin Strokorb United Kingdom BS
DR. Henrik Stryhn Canada BS
DR. F. Stulajter Slovakia BS
MR. Lei Sun United States BS Student
PROF Yanqing Sun United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Ying Sun Saudi Arabia BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Rolf Sundberg Sweden BS-ISI
MR. Bambang Suprihatin Indonesia BS Student
PROF Ake Svensson Sweden BS-ISI
MR. Anders Rygh Swensen Norway BS-IMS
PROF  Zbigniew Szkutnik Poland BS
PROF Alain-Sol Sznitman Switzerland BS
PROF. EM. Hajime Takahashi Japan BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Akimichi Takemura Japan BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Yoshiyasu Tamura Japan BS-ISI
DR. Teruo Tanaka Japan BS-IMS
DR. Masanobu Taniguchi Japan BS-ISI
PROF Murad S. Taqqu United States BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Kelzang Tashi Australia BS Student
MR. Hakan Deniz Taskin Spain BS Student
DR. Charles C. Taylor United Kingdom BS-IMS
PROF Timo Lauri Teräsvirta Denmark BS-ISI
PROF. EM. Jef L. Teugels Belgium BS-ISI
MR. Ambuj Tewari United States BS-IMS
DR. Debleena Thacker Sweden BS
MR. Andrew Thomas United States BS Student
PROF Stephen Thomas United States BS
PROF Elizabeth Thompson United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. DR. Hanspeter Thöni Germany BS-ISI
PROF Steen Thorbjoernsen Denmark BS
MR. Louis Chi-Chun Tiao Australia BS Student
PROF Luke-Jon Tierney United States BS-ISI
MR. Padam Tomar India BS Student
DR. Helgi Tomasson Iceland BS-IMS
PROF Sadao Tomizawa Japan BS
DR. R. James Tomkins Canada BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Vicenc Torra Sweden BS-ISI
MR. Dustin Tran United States BS Student
PROF Ruey Shiong Tsay United States BS-ISI
PROF Alex Tsodikov United States BS-ISI
PROF Hideatsu Tsukahara Japan BS-IMS
MR. Yetkin Tuaç Turkey BS Student
PROF Kamil F. Turkman Portugal BS-ISI
MR. Shane Turnbull United Kingdom BS Student
DR. Amanda Turner United Kingdom BS-IMS
MR. Shikhar Tyagi India BS Student
MS Yoga Divya Prasanth Ubbeti India BS Student
PROF Masayuki Uchida Japan BS-ISI
PROF Taylan Ali Ula Turkey BS-ISI
PROF Vladimir Ulyanov Russian Federation BS
PROF Chikara Uno Japan BS
DR. Hajime Uno United States BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Marina Vachkovskaia Brazil BS
PROF Michael Vaeth Denmark BS-ISI
DR. Nikholas Vakhania Georgia BS
DR. Sara Anna van de Geer Switzerland BS-ISI
DRS Robert van den Berg Austria BS
PROF. EM. Edward C. van der Meulen Belgium BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. DR. Aad W. van der Vaart The Netherlands BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Albertus Jacob van Es The Netherlands BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Ingrid Van Keilegom Belgium BS-IMS-ISI
PROF. DR. Marie Nicolette M. van Lieshout The Netherlands BS-ISI
PROF Willem R. van Zwet The Netherlands BS-ISI
PROF Maria Eulália Vares Brazil BS-IMS
MR. Jakub Vecera Czech Republic BS Student
DR. Eva Bjørn Vedel-Jensen Denmark BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Venugopal Veeravalli United States BS-IMS
DR. Almut Veraart United Kingdom BSLIFE
PROF Thomas Verdebout Belgium BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Yuri Verges Brazil BS Student
MR. Vivek Verma India BS Student
MR. Alexander Vervuurt United Kingdom BS Student
PROF. DR. Brani Vidakovic United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Enrique Villa-Diharce Mexico BS-ISI
MR. Sameera Viswakula United States BS Student
PROF Richard A. Vitale United States BS-IMS
MS Julia Volaufova United States BS-IMS
MR. Bernd Vollenbroker Germany BS-IMS
DR. Igor Volodin Russian Federation BS
PROF Rainer von Sachs Belgium BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Ivo Vrkoc Czech Republic BS
PROF Ivan N. Vuchkov Bulgaria BS-ISI
DR. Anton Wakolbinger Germany BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Harro Walk Germany BS
MR. Guangxing Wang United States BS Student
DR. Jane-Ling Wang United States BS-ISI
PROF Lily Wang United States BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Liqun Wang Canada BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Mei-Cheng Wang United States BS-IMS-ISI
  Tienxdu Wang United States BS Student
MS Yixin Wang United States BS Student
MS Yixin Wang United States BS
DR. Yizao Wang United States BS
MR. Zhizheng Wang Sweden BS Student
DR. Mark Daniel Ward United States BSLIFE-ISI
DR. Yasutoshi Washio Japan BS-ISI
DR. Ronald L. Wasserstein United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Edward Charles Waymire United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Neville Weber Australia BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Wolfgang Wefelmeyer Germany BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Jon A. Wellner United States BS-IMS
PROF Nanny Wermuth Sweden BS-ISI
MR. Frank Werner Germany BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Hans Joachim Werner Germany BS-ISI
MR. Rafal Weron Poland BS
MS Sanne J. W. Willems The Netherlands BS Student
PROF Ruth J. Williams United States BS-IMS
MR. Brian David Williamson United States BS Student
DR. Victor Witkovsky Slovakia BS
PROF. DR. Colin O. Wu United States BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Rong Wu China BS
MR. Ruoyu Wu United States BS Student
PROF Aihua Xia Australia BS-IMS-ISI
MS  Xiaoya Xu Hong Kong, SAR China BS Student
DR. Gongjun Xu United States BS
PROF. DR. Lingzhou Xue United States BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Rishikesh Yadav India BS Student
MR. Sumit Kumar Yadav India BS Student
DR. Yoshihiro Yajima Japan BS-IMS
DR. Hajime Yamato Japan BS-IMS-ISI
MR. Yani Stoyanov Yanakiev Bulgaria BS
MR. Dong Yoon Yang Korea, Republic of BS Student
MR. Xiaochuan Yang France BS Student
DR. Jian-feng Yao Hong Kong, SAR China BS-IMS-ISI
PROF Qiwei Yao United Kingdom BS-ISI
PROF. DR. Elena Yarovaya Russian Federation BS-ISI
DR. Emmanuel Yashchin United States BS-IMS-ISI
DR. Yinna Ye China BS
MR. Aditya Yerramsetti India BS Student
PROF Jiongmin Yong China BS
PROF. DR. Nakahiro Yoshida Japan BS-ISI
PROF George Alastair Young United Kingdom BS-IMS
MR. Kyusang Yu Korea, Republic of BS-IMS
PROF Lorenzo Zambotti France BS
PROF. DR. Elena Zarova Russian Federation BS-ISI
DR. Yoav Zemel Germany BS
DR. Ivan Zezula Slovakia BS
MS Jingran Zhai United Kingdom BS Student
PROF Li-Xin Zhang China BS-IMS
MS Yuqing Zhang United Kingdom BS Student
DR. Yize Zhao United States BS-IMS
DR. Yuwei Zhao China BS-IMS
DR. Jiancang Zhuang Japan BS-IMS
DR. Ilze Ziedins New Zealand BS-IMS
PROF Johanna Ziegel Germany BS-IMS
PROF. DR. Silvelyn Zwanzig Sweden BS
DR. Piotr Zwiernik United States BS-IMS
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