European Regional Committee

Further recommendations about the organization of an European Young Statisticians Meeting

  • When the ERC assigns the role of International Organizing Committee (IOC) of an EYSM event to a group of people, they must be informed of relevant guidelines, as provided in the 1986 document compiled by Paul Embrechts and augmented by the present one.
  • The following points of the 1986 document are drawn to special attention:
    • "Members of the next IOC don't have to (and indeed preferably shouldn't) be drawn from the previous meetings' participants."
    • "It is within this spirit to be rather rigid about the age of participants." (...) "The original definition of young, i.e. LESS THAN 30 YEARS OF AGE OR 2 TO 8 YEARS OF RESEARCH EXPERIENCE still seems flexible enough to accommodate most of the different systems of education in the various European countries."
    • "In all cases preference should be given to first time participants. It is to be avoided that a small group imposes its personal preference on whom to invite and what scientific topics to be treated."
  • The IOC must promote adequate circulation of information about the EYSM event. This includes the placement of an announcement in Bernoulli News, in the November issue of the year preceding the meeting (the 1986 document referred to the ISI Newsletter, but Bernoulli News did not yet exist). Other forms of announcement are also to be sought.
  • In the selection process of the participants it is recommended that the IOC seeks advice from senior BS (ERC and non-ERC) members, since often young researchers do not have a sufficiently wide knowledge about their junior colleagues. This advice must remain exactly that, with the final decision about invitations resting with the IOC.
  • Other aspects where senior people can help are raising funds, helping with local arrangements, and possibly others. It is however not advisable that the senior people are actually given any formal role at the EYSM, except possibly for an opening welcome or similar activities.

Adelchi Azzalini
December 2007

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