European Regional Committee

The European Meeting of Statisticians

The European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS) is the main event sponsored by the European Regional Committee of the Bernoulli Society. Its organisation is accomplished following guidelines, whose current version has been established in 2013.


Preliminary bid invitation to host EMS 2019

The European Regional Committee (ERC) of the Bernoulli Society invites
preliminary bids to host the European Meeting of Statisticians in
2019.  The deadline for receipt of bids is 31 January 2016; it is
anticipated that the winning bid will be announced shortly afterwards.
Preliminary bids / expressions of interest should be emailed to the
chair of the ERC, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The following notes are intended to aid potential organisers.  A
preliminary bid should specify the following:

1) Names and affiliations of academics who have provisionally agreed
to serve on the Local Organising Committee.  It is important that this
team contains sufficiently many energetic people to cover fully the
oversight of this big event.  The team should also include a couple of
senior academics in probability and statistics who have strong
research records and international profiles, and who are prepared to
commit to ensure that the proposed conference will add distinction to
their institution.  Note that the scientific programme is the
responsibility of the Scientific Programme Committee, which is
appointed by the ERC.

2) The proposed site for the congress.  Consideration should be given
to both meeting facilities and accommodation.  Regarding the former,
there needs to be access to a large auditorium able to accommodate 500
attendees, in addition to an adequate supply of breakout rooms for
smaller sessions, and good supply of space for fruitful discussions.
For accommodation, there needs to be a good supply of reasonably
priced local accommodation.

3) A range of proposed dates.  Previous experience suggests that July
is particularly successful.  The selection of this date range should
involve explicit consideration of various competing meetings and
conferences around the world, to the extent that details are known at
this advanced stage of planning.

4) A case for the EMS 2019 to be held at the proposed location.

Detailed costings are not required at this preliminary stage.  The ERC
aims to ensure good geographic spread of its meetings, and will take
into account the locations of previous editions of the conference (see


The complete series of
European Meeting of Statisticians

  1. 1962, Dublin (IE)
  2. 1963, Copenhagen (DK)
  3. 1964, Bern (CH)
  4. 1966, London (GB)
  5. 1968, Amsterdam (NL)
  6. 1970, Hannover (DE)
  7. 1972, Budapest (HU)
  8. 1974, Praha (CZ)
  9. 1976, Grenoble (FR)
  10. 1977, Leuven (BE)
  11. 1978, Oslo (NO)
  12. 1979, Varna (BG)
  13. 1980, Brighton (GB)
  14. 1981, Wroclaw (PL)
  15. 1982, Palermo (IT)
  16. 1984, Marburg (DE)
  17. 1987, Thessaloniki (GR)
  18. 1988, Berlin (DE)
  19. 1991, Barcelona (ES)
  20. 1992, Bath (GB)
  21. 1995, Aarhus (DK)
  22. 1998, Vilnius (LT)
  23. 2001, Funchal (PT)
  24. 2002, Praha (CZ)
  25. 2005, Oslo (NO)
  26. 2006, Torun (PL)
  27. 2009, Toulouse (FR)
  28. 2010, Piraeus (GR)
  29. 2013, Budapest (HU)
  30. 2015, Amsterdam (NL)

(NB: Country codes above are according to ISO 3166)

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