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Contributions can be sent directly to the editor. The deadlines are January 30, March 30, May 30, August 30 and October 30.

Current editor: Carlos Amendola This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.e

Past editors:

  • Corina Constanttinescu (Issues 29-31)
  • Leonardo T. Rolla (Issues 18-28)
  • Dario Spano (Issues 9-17)
  • Carenne Ludena and Ramses H. Mena  (Issues 1-8)


  • 2011 Statistics Prize:  Pamela Nerina Llop, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina.
    Dissertation title: "Densidades, Regresion y Clasificacion para Datos Funcionales (Densities, Regression and Classification for Functional Data)'', under direction of Liliana Forzani and Ricardo Fraiman.
  • 2011 Probability Prize:  Antonio (Tuca) Auffinger, New York University, USA.
    Dissertation title  ``Random Matrices, Complexity of Spin Glasses and Heavy Tailed Processes'', under the direction of Gerard Ben Arous.
  • 2014 Statistics Prize: Alejandro Cholaquidis, Universidad de la República, Uruguay.
    Dissertation title: "Técnicas de teoría geométrica de la medida en estimación de conjuntos  (Geometric measure techniques applied to set estimation), under direction of  Ricardo Fraiman and Antonio Cuevas.
  • 2014 Probability Prize: Julián Facundo Martínez, Leiden University, the Netherlands.
    Dissertation title: "Dynamical Gibbs-non-Gibbs transitions and Brownian percolation" under the direction of Frank den Hollander and Roberto Fernández.

The Schramm Lecture is an annual, joint IMS-Bernoulli Society lecture. The Schramm lecture will be given at SPA meetings in odd years, at IMS stand-alone annual meetings in even years not divisible by 4, and at the World Congress in Probability and Statistics in years divisible by 4.

The Doob lecture is generously supported by the Illinois Journal of Mathematics, and is a joint IMS-Bernoulli Society lecture in years divisible by 4 and is given at the World Congress in those years. In other years the lecture is given at the Stochastic Processes and Applications conference, and is managed by the Bernoulli Committee for Conferences on Stochastic Processes (see http://www.bernoulli-society.org/index.php/organization/ccsp).

A joint IMS-Bernoulli Society committee will select these lecturers. This committee will be chosen by the Presidents of the IMS and the Bernoulli Society, in consultation, according to the following guidelines.

  1. The selection committee will normally have as regular members, two IMS representatives and two Bernoulli Society representatives. In years when lecturers are to be chosen for the World Congress, the chair of the scientific program committee for the Congress will serve as an ex-officio member of the committee.

    In choosing representatives: The Bernoulli Society President may consider chairs of prior SPA scientific program committees or CCSP for BS representatives. The IMS President may consider members of its Special Lectures committee for its representatives. Regular committee members may serve for one to three years, but will normally be appointed for two years.

  2. Each year a new chair will be appointed from the membership of the committee. For the lectures in odd years this will be chosen by the Bernoulli Society President, and for lectures in even years it will be chosen by the IMS President. However, the Presidents of both societies will consult with one another about the selection before it is made. Apart from the first year of selection, the committee should be in place by January 1 and should preferably begin its work by March 1, two years in advance of the meeting for which a speaker is to be chosen.

  3. Once the committee has settled on the nominee for a lecturer, the name of the nominee should be transmitted in confidence to the Presidents of the Bernoulli Society and the IMS for final approval. Preferably this would be done by May 15.

  4. Once a nominee has been approved, a joint letter from the Presidents of the IMS and the Bernoulli Society will be transmitted to the chosen nominee, inviting them to deliver the lecture.

Here is a list of recent Doob Lecturers: Scott Sheffield (2016), Terence Tao (2015), Neil O’Connell (2013), Yves Le Jan (2012), Ruth Williams (2011), Gregory Lawler (2010), Ed Perkins (2009) and Marc Yor (2007).
IMS maintains a list of Schramm lecturers.

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