We are pleased to announce the series SpringerBriefs in Probability and Mathematical Statistics. Published by Srpinger under the auspices of the Bernoulli Society, SpringerBriefs present concise summaries of cutting-edge research and practical applications across a wide spectrum of fields. M. Podolskij is serving as Editor-in-chief, and N. Gantert, R. Nickl, S. Péché, G. Reinert, M. Rosenbaum, and W.B. Wu as Series Editors. http://goo.gl/UXOggy

We are pleased to announce the named lectures for the 9th World Congress of Probability and Statistics. The main plenary speakers are:
- Sara van de Geer (Wald Lecture)
- Bin Yu (Rietz Lecture)
- Scott Sheffield (Doob Lecture)
- Ofer Zeitouni (Schramm Lecture)
- Byeong Park (Laplace Lecture)
- Valerie Isham (Bernoulli Lecture)
- Ruth Williams (Kolmogorov Lecture)
- Servet Martinez (Levy Lecture)
- David Brillinger (Tukey Lecture)
- Frank den Hollander (IMS Medallion Lecture)
- Vanessa Didelez (IMS Medallion Lecture)
- Christina Goldschmidt (IMS Medallion Lecture)
- Arnaud Doucet (IMS Medallion Lecture)
- Pierre del Moral (IMS Medallion Lecture)

The Bernoulli Society is introducing new membership structure which will replace the current one from year 2016. The new membership categories include:
- Regular Member: members from developed countries;
- Reduced Rate Member: members from developing countries, first two years of postdoc, retired members, couple members;
- First Year Member: first year membership for regular members;
- Joint Member: BS-IMS and BS-IMS-ISI members;
- Student Member: free membership for PhD students;
- Life Member.

This is a list of former non-presidential officeholders of the Bernoulli Society Executive Committee. To the best of our knowledge this list is correct, but if you spot anything which needs correcting please do get in touch with the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Scientific Secretary           
1975-1985    Jef Teugels   
1985-1987    Robin Sibson    
1987-1992    Paul Embrechts  
1992-1996    Richard Gill
1996-2000    Wilfrid Kendall    
2000-2004    Enno Mammen    
2004-2008    Arnoldo Frigessi    
2009-2015    Nakahiro Yoshida
2015-2019    Byeong Park   

1975-1981    Jim Durbin    
1981-1987    Nils Keiding
1987-1989    R.J. (Bob) Serfling    
1990-1993    Kobus Oosterhof    
1994-1996    Joe Eaton
1997-2001    Allan Gut    
2002-2004    Mathisca de Gunst    
2005-2008    Ursula Gather    
2009-2012    José-Manuel Corcuera
2012-2019    Lynne Billard

Membership Secretary           
1994-2007    Volker Mammitszch   
2007-2012    Josef Steinebach
2012-2017    Mark Podolskij
2017-2019    Leonardo T. Rolla

Publications Secretary
2016-2018    Thomas Mikosch

Publicity Secretary
2019-2019    Victor Panaretos



From now on, members of the Bernoulli Society can get the corresponding discounted price directly from the publisher webpage at http://goo.gl/66jf9D. Therefore, no more orders or payments should be sent to the ISI/BS office.

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